I'm a Spiritual Shit Kicker

I am a wake up call

A loving bridge between the spiritual and  the physical

I had a spiritual transformation years ago that took me from being a lost confused  soul without any meaning in my life to a woman with a mission and a purpose...

A voice literally spoke to me, Creator's voice and said

I'm Here.. I'm Real...and  now I want you to go and Heal my People....

You'll have to Clean up your life, change..and you'll have help and  I won't ever leave you, I'm here and  if they ask you who sent you...Tell them I did

All of my Psychic centers opened..

 I can hear in the spirit..

I communicate with Past on loved ones,

I communicate with animals..I can hear their thoughts,

I get whole impressions of what has happened to you in the past or what is coming up in the future and what to do to clear the blocks that are holding you back in your life...

I'm a Healer

That first communication with Creator began a 2 year long on-going, personal healing for my soul from the Creator of the Universe......

It was a Spiritual odyssey that took me to Peru in the Amazon Jungles

To work with Shamans from California to South America, with Sacred medicines

Deep inter-personal work , hard deep diving into my early childhood wounds, soul fractures that needed healing with the help of a few beautiful teachers

Learned from Tony Robbins and traveled with him for a year in the early 90's

Learned Hypnosis different counseling techniques..but the real counseling has come from the One... continues to come from God..whatever you choose to call that great presence that is everything....

I was lost and  God  found me...

Now my mission, my calling, my gift to the planet is to be a healing balm to hurting souls everywhere..