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    Spiritual Life                   Coaching 

I help HEALERS and ARTISTS get UNSTUCK in your art and in all the important areas of your life! You have a big work in the world to do that only you are called to do. Let's get you ready for this next phase in your journey!

What's Spiritual Life Coaching?

It's very literal. It's a method of coaching that opens up that vital life force energy that you see in the eyes of a big panther in the wild, 

It's a wild intelligence that you already have inside of you, that needs to be accessed reignited and available to you.

I'm talking to you Healer! You Artist! You the one with the mission and purpose and desire to change the world with your art, or at the very least make it a better place ; )

Whatever your thing is..

Sometimes we get STUCK..

Stuck is a part of the creative process, I'm like a spiritual colonic, helping you to move all the shit you no longer need out of the way, to understand yourself as a Healer more deeply, as an Artist, the way that our brains work is different, we are the Unicorns of the Planet. I know how that works because I'm a Healer and an Artist.. on my journey I've learned a lot and I want to help you through whatever phase your currently in, in your process....

​This is Spiritual work but it's not out in Lala land somewhere, but firmly grounded.... right here in the real world!

You're gonna need that from anyone you're working with.

              How does it work?

The Method was created through over 20 years of counseling experience as a Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, my work as a Medium, Clairvoyant and through shamanic training, I learned how to first undomesticate myself and through years of working with clients and seeing their struggles to change their lives in different ways, I formed the Undomesticated Method.

Through our work together you'll change, and take control of your life as you open more and more and release yourself from being an inside animal to a wild fully embodied being, clear and focused and knowing the next steps to move forward boldly and untethered in your life.

The work is really structured to Give you back your power! 

Have you ever seen a lion or a panther in the wild? They are using that vital energy force that has them hunt and be aware and present in every moment to go after what they want.

Through the work we get you back to that pure place inside, so you can go after and get what you want.. and have complete access to your healer and artist within.

We get you tapped back into to your spirituality, to your intuition. We are all Psychic! We all have that inside of us. I'm a guide to help you tap in and open up all of those gifts you have inside of you, so you can soar as the artist and healer that you are! 

Let's get you sorted out, so you can go and share your gifts in a more effective and powerful way!

                            Why try this method?

​Because you've tried other things and they haven't worked

Because you're tired of trying to figure it all out on your own and your way isn't working

Hi! I'm Ama Nkwa and when you're ready..... Let's go!